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Gary McEnelly

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Favorite Fish:  Lake Trout
Gary McEnelly
An avid outdoorsman for most of his life, Gary began his professional career in the outdoor industry in 1987.   As CFO for a national publisher in bow hunting, snowmobiling, ATV’s, and watercraft, Gary learned the ins and outs of the print media game.  In 1994, Gary joined the In-Fisherman staff as CFO and has worked with the Lindner family ever since.

Gary received his accounting degree from Minnesota State University and was a practicing CPA for 26 years before getting involved in outdoor publishing and electronic media.  He has worked for Arthur Andersen, the largest accounting firm in the world at the time, and he has owned his own firm with 18 professionals providing tax and accounting services for many clients throughout the upper mid-west.

As COO & CFO of Angling Edge Television and Lindner Media Productions, Gary is responsible for all phases of the business end of the operation including finance, legal, sponsor contracts, vendor contracts, equipment and facilities.  He oversees our DVD business, which has grown over the years.  Occasionally, like all members of the staff he also is called to service to appear in segments of our Angling Edge Television shows.  Gary is an avid and accomplished ice angler who spends a lot of time chasing anything that swims under the ice.  His primary passion, however, is ice fishing for Canadian lake trout, which he does most years and has been part of a number of Angling Edge episodes shot at those times.  He also has been on various television walleye episodes.