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James Lindner

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Favorite Fish:  Whatever’s biting!
James Lindner
Growing up in the world of sports fishing, James Lindner has filmed and fished from the Arctic Circle tundra to South American jungles and from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts and every state in between. As a multi-species fishermen, James has few equals and his prowess in the world of musky fishing is legendary.

Recognized as one of the best directors and producers in the outdoor industry, James is the son and nephew—respectively of Ron and Al Lindner. James lives, eats, and sleeps fishing, leaving little time for non fishing related activities.

In 2008, James was inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as a Legendary Communicator for his outstanding acheivement in the realm of sportfishing.  In 2003, he was also honored as the Rapala Angler of the Year in appreciation of his professional manner, motivated by passion of fishing, to promote and expose others to the wide world of Rapala and recognising his examples and limitless efforts that Lauri Rapala’s legacy continues.

Today, James is at the helm of Lindner Media Productions, which specializes in producing educational fishing programs, educational DVDs, national TV commercials, product sales presentations, point of purchase product DVDs shown in sporting goods stores, as well as providing their trademark underwater footage and photography to the sport fishing industry. Al, Ron, James, Daniel and Bill Lindner are the creative forces behind Lindner Media and their wide variety of award-winning productions, and have a long and storied history in the fishing business.  James is co-host of Angling Edge Television and oversees work on the FLW Tournament series.

If anyone has literally cut his teeth on the handle of a fishing rod, then James surely has.   Traveling with Ron and Al on their many filming trips, James at the age of 10 in 1969, was Al's boat partner in the first television segment Al made. Following in the family tradition, James served his apprenticeship as a guide starting at 14 years old.  James actively worked and was well booked every summer through his teenage years.  Later in college, he spent his summers guiding at a Canadian camp as well as filming with Al and Ron.

In 1981, James, with a few credits short of a major in Journalism and a minor in Aquatic Biology, took on responsibility for the entire production of the In-Fisherman TV and video work.  James has been filming, producing, directing, script writing, and editing Television Shows for the past twenty-five years.  He and his TV and video team’s successful formula have created over 50 award winning programs including North American Film and Video Awards, Outdoor Writer Association of American, Cable Ace Nominations, Telly and Teddy Awards capturing more awards than any fishing television show produced in the history of outdoor programming.

A top grade tournament bass fisherman in his own right, James has dominated the Canadian American Smallmouth Bass circuit, with multiple first place wins on the KBI and FFBC.  James has wins and high placing in many other events.  James is none-the-less adept with most freshwater and even saltwater species.  Each year he accepts a limited, yet highly attended series of speaking engagements.