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Rich Eckholm

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Favorite fish: Smallmouth Bass, Steelhead

Rich Eckholm

Favorite fish to eat: Fresh Lake Trout from Canadian waters 

Favorite fishing moment: This one particular Steelhead I had on during the fall run in a Michigan river was out of the water more than in for the minute or so I had it on. There was the feeling that there was nothing I could do but watch and laugh as it jumped and jumped as it headed down stream until it jumped over a over hanging tree. Yeah I've caught many Steelhead over the years, but I'll never forget that one.

For Rich, fishing was always part of what he did growing up in Champlin, MN. Almost all family vacations revolved around fishing. When school was out for the summer you could usually find Rich on the banks of the Mississippi river fishing Carp or Smallmouth or anything that would bite.

In 1982 he was off to college beginning his studies in fish and wildlife management. Then spending his summers as a camp counselor at Camp Fish in Walker, MN. After watching an episode of In-Fisherman on TV he switched gears to study Video production. Low and behold the Lindner's bought Camp Fish and at the same time was changing from shooting the In-Fisherman TV show on film to video. In 1986 Rich started full time with In-Fisherman Television. In 2003 Rich rejoined the Lindner's to shoot and edit the Angling Edge show, Produce the Gander Mountain Bass Tournament show and later on the FLW Bass Series tournament show. Currently,  other than the Angling Edge show Rich spends much of his time producing promotional videos, Infomercials, and commercials for many of the Lindner Media Productions sponsor partners.