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Ruth Nelson

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Favorite fish: Largemouth Bass
Ruth Nelson
Favorite fish to eat: Walleye (what else when you live in Minnesota)

Favorite Fishing Moments: Ok, I am a fair-weather fishing woman. I like to fish on calm sunny days with my husband, Chuck. I always carry a book to read when the fishing is slow. I let Chuck do the work of finding fish, rigging my fishing rod and taking the fish off the hook. My favorite place to fish is near Sioux Narrows in Canada at our cabin. I enjoy the scenery just as much if not more than the fishing!

Ruth graduated from the University of Minnesota with a major in business administration. She has worked for Fingerhut, CVN Companies, and Lifetouch. She currently is a Public Relations/Marketing Consultant in the Education field and a Brainerd District 181 School Board member along with her work at Lindner Media Productions.