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Troy Lindner

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Favorite Fish:  Bass and Carp
Troy Lindner
Like everyone in his famous fishing family, Troy Lindner spent his youthful summers paying his dues at the In-Fisherman Communications Network. He cleaned boats, wrangled photo shoots, logged In-Fisherman television field tapes, and organized slides and photos for the editorial department. He even spent time as a cameraman on the Professional Walleye Trail—PWT. So like the rest of the gang, he cut his teeth in a fishing environment.

Today, Troy puts his business degree from Arizona State University to good use, operating a private fitness training firm called California Complete Fitness (C.C.F.) in the Los Angeles area. Many of his clients are in the entertainment and music industry, people like the Band “The Scorpions” train for the road with him as does songwriter Desmond Childs. While training Olympic Gold Medalist Amanda Beard, they both appeared in a training feature for Fox Sports Net’s “The Best Damn Sport Show Period.” Troy went to Beijing with other trainers in 2008.

Over the years, traveling, filming and tournament fishing, Troy has fished and filmed extensively all across North America. Troy takes time to go back home to his roots in the North Country of Minnesota, where he films a segment or two for Lindner’s Angling Edge TV shows each year.

Beside his training business Troy produces a series of short training features, titled “Fit 4 Fishing”. The program focuses on exercises to keep arms, wrists, legs, and etc. in working order during grueling tournament days on the water.  It’s been found that fishing an eight hour tournament can burn up to 5,000 calories.  That’s more than pitching a nine-inning baseball game.