Ty Sjodin

Ty can’t remember when he wasn’t outside fishing or hunting but does remember it was about the same time he started to walk. He has a strong passion for the outdoors that was instilled in him by his father and has been shared with his older brother to this day. That is the same passion he now shares at every chance with his son, Tyson.

Ty spent his college years earning a Business Management / Sales Degree at Bemidji State University, while feeding his obsession with being outdoors in a boat, on the ice, on his bow hunting stands, in the duck blind or shooting grouse.

Getting his start in the fishing industry, Ty went to work for In-Fisherman joining the Lindner’s in 1998 to sell everything from TV, Print, and Digital Advertising as well as having a hand in working with and promoting the In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail (PWT). After 10 years he moved on to sell TV and Digital Advertising in the hunting industry as well as fishing for Babe Winkelman Productions for the next 6 years. Ty has come full circle rejoining the Lindner’s once again, now at Lindner Media Productions handling the multi-media sales efforts as well as some on-camera talent. Contact Ty for any partnership questions.