Dan Lindner

Over the years, Daniel Lindner has fished and filmed extensively all over North and Central America, traveling and occasionally tournament fishing side by side with his father Ron, his uncle Al, and his brothers James and Bill and his cousin, Troy. Dan’s love for fishing extends beyond freshwater species to saltwater fishing, adding to his achievements he has caught giant permit, amberjack, and a huge broadbill swordfish, which graced the cover of Saltwater Sportsman magazine.

Daniel’s earliest fishing memory, at three years old, is of catching a big largemouth bass off the dock of his Northern Minnesota home. Later, while pursuing a degree in mass communications, with an emphasis in broadcast journalism, Daniel spent summers paying his dues at the In-Fisherman Network cleaning boats and wrangling fish for photo shoots. He also logged thousands of In-Fisherman television field tapes and organized slides and photos for the editorial department. At age sixteen, he was thrown into this work whenever the crew was short handed and quickly learned the hard way to shoot as well as edit videos and commercials for television.

In 1996 Dan left college in his last semester (as did his brother Jim) to help out the TV crews at one of the critical times in the history of In-Fisherman Communication Network, and he never went back. For the next 22 years, Daniel carved out his own special niche in the world of outdoor media. His specialties included computer graphic illustrations, creative layout, underwater set design, as well as dramatic aerial and underwater video photography.

Today, Daniel is putting his many faceted talents, and expertise into running Lindner Media Productions, which specializes in producing educational fishing programs, educational videos, national TV commercials, product sales presentations, point of purchase product videos shown internationally in sporting goods stores, as well as providing their Trademark underwater and aerial footage and photography to the sport fishing industry. Dan along with Jeremy Smith, Al, Ron, James, Bill, Troy and Nick Lindner are the creative forces behind Lindner Media and their wide variety of award-winning productions, and have a long and storied history in the fishing business.