Jim Grover

Jim’s fondest childhood memories revolve around hunting and fishing, whether he was joining his Dad to the deer stand or the early mornings they spent together chasing bass on a small lake near their home in Monticello MN.

During the high school years, if Jim was not in the classroom (and many times when he should have been) you could find him in a duck blind, deer stand or wading the banks of the Mississippi River looking for smallmouth bass.

After receiving a degree in Communications from the University of Northwestern, Jim began a career in Outdoor Television. Over the years, he found himself traveling North America filming and editing hunting and fishing shows. During that time, he had the pleasure of working with many of the pioneers in the television fishing-programming field: Rob Schara, Tony Dean, Babe Winkelman and now Lindner Media.

In 2015, Jim joined Lindner Media Productions as a producer/editor. If he is not in his office editing shows for Fishing Edge or AnglingBuzz, you will probably find him wandering the woods in search of ruffed grouse or on one of the many Brainerd area lakes with his wife and son, looking for whatever is willing to bite.