Troy Lindner

Troy Lindner was born and raised in the Brainerd Lakes Area of Minnesota. He grew up in a fishing family with four relatives in the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame (Al, Ron, James and Bill).

As the son of legendary angler, Al Lindner, Troy naturally had a passion for the outdoors; it runs thick in his blood. He also has a passion for physical fitness and travel. His early dedication to athletics led him to compete at Arizona State University at the track and field teams.

After graduating from ASU he settled in Los Angeles and founded a personal training business where he worked with many top personalities in T.V., music and sports.

At the same time he was an avid bass fisherman, Troy also competed in a number of western tournament circuits. In the progress he has won over 40 events including an FLW open and the 2016 Wild West Bass Trounament Trail—where he became Angler of the Year.

Troy now splits the year almost in half between California and Minnesota. He spends the spring, summer and fall in the north woods where he travels almost non-stop as the co-host of the AnglingBuzz television show and as the host of The Ontario Experience television series.

These endeavors pretty much keep him on the water almost constantly from “ice-out” to “ice-in.”

In winter he spends most of his time on the warmer, soft water areas of the Southwest where he satisfies his fishing tournament urges competing in a series of tournaments in the western states.

Troy loves to travel and has fished all over the world: Sharks in Florida, Halibut in Alaska, Barramundi in Australia, and monster Leather Carp in Europe, and this just the beginning!

Troy has a distinct love for shore fishing. He stays practiced in the art by making solo forays with a backpack and rod all over North America, Europe and coming up next, maybe Asia?